Your PC can't even

Hi there, my name is Cory.

I'm a Full Stack developer with a sincere passion for all things software development. I mainly work with .Net technologies, but I do branch out into other areas as well. This site was originally created with wordpress, but moved to ASP.Net MVC hosted on AWS LightSail.

Growing up, I had my first steps into programming using Action Replay and hex editors to manipulate some games I played. This eventually lead to me picking up more structured languages and setting my course for what I wanted to do.

I've been developing software for over 10 years at this point. You can check out all the details on my LinkedIn page.

For fun, I love hanging out with my better half and our cats, going to the gym, playing video games (primarily Destiny!), programming and messing around with single-board computers / microcontrollers (have a neat ambilight I hope to share!), and hanging out with friends to LAN, play MTG, or just chill.